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Pregnancy Specialist

Peyman Banooni, MD

OB-GYN located in Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Peyman Banooni has committed himself and his practice to caring for women of all ages. Dr. Banooni earned his medical degree in 1999 in San Diego at the University of California. His practice is based in the Beverly Hills area where he acts as an OB/GYN. The practice is also partnered with the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he completed his residency.

Pregnancy Q & A

How Do I Choose an Obstetrician?

Choosing an obstetrician or OB/GYN is important to every pregnancy. Obstetricians are trained to treat a number of women’s health care concerns as well as any complications which may arise during the pregnancy or birth. When choosing an obstetrician, it is important that you find someone you are comfortable with and who has the proper training to assist you throughout the entire process. Scheduling a consultation with the doctor is a good way to determine if you will be comfortable with the doctor. During the consultation ask numerous questions, especially about any type of preexisting condition you may have, such as diabetes, and regarding any special instructions or requests which you have for how the labor and delivery will be handled.

How Do I Make Sure I Have a Healthy Pregnancy?

Eating healthy and maintaining safe activities levels during pregnancy are very important factors to ensuring a healthy pregnancy. When pregnant, sticking to a balanced diet is the best way to receive the nutrients and vitamins you need. While vitamin supplements are available, pregnant women should only take them under the direction of their health care provider and it is important to remember that supplements, such as prenatal vitamins, do not replace a balanced diet but work hand in hand with one. It is also important to remember to engage in moderate activity as recommended by your doctor. 

What Happens During a Prenatal Exam?

During the prenatal exam many routine health care checkup items will be completed, such as blood work, urine samples, and your weight and blood pressure will be monitored. As time goes on, the doctor or obstetrician will monitor both yours and your baby’s heart rate and usually ultrasounds will be performed to view the baby’s progress. These basic prenatal checkups will continue throughout the pregnancy and ensure that it is progressing as it should.

Insurance Providers

Our practice has agreements in place with most major insurance companies, but if you are a new patient it is advisable that you contact our office in advance so we may address any coverage issues. Please note that our practice does not accept HMO insurance carriers.

For services either not fully covered by your health insurance provider, or for visits that are only partially covered by your insurance company we typically bill you separately.

Of course we recognize that often times when it comes to healthcare patients are processing many different thoughts, feelings and emotions. We aim to make our billing as transparent and clear as possible but should you have ANY questions regarding a bill received by our office please feel comfortable contacting us.

Further, in advance of a visit, should you have ANY questions regarding either what might or might not be covered by your insurance company we strongly encourage you to call our offices and we will be happy to review with you.

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